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Aura SDK


  • You need Aura 1.07.xx OR HIGHER ONLY!
  • Older versions of Aura than 1.07.xx WILL NOT WORK with latest JackNet!
  • Looks like the Asus Ryuo AIO Cooler is not suported by JackNet, you will need to remove the iCUE Aura plugin and use ExcludeHelper.exe and uncheck "Cooler"


  1. Download ASUS Aura and install it.
  2. Restart your PC if needed, and then run Aura
  3. Go to Aura's settings, set brightness and saturation to 0 and close it
  4. Your asus device should show up in JackNet and ready to sync!


Older Aura

In case you want to use the older Aura, v1.06.xx, you can but not with the newest version of JackNet. For that you need JackNet, keep in mind that it is VERY OLD and OUTDATED, get it from the Download Center

Armoury Crate


  1. Download Armoury Crate and install it
  2. Run AC and install the additional requirements, restart your PC if needed
  3. Set a static black color under the Aura Sync menu in AC and make sure that In-Game lighting effects is enabled!
  4. Your Asus device should show up in JackNet and ready to sync!

Keyboards Mapping

In case you have a Claymore keyboard here is the LEDs layout in JackNet: ASUS Keyboard Mapping