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Corsair iCUE Software

Corsair iCUE is currently the only software that supports being the control LED for JackNet RGB Sync. This guide will teach you how to set it up to be a control LED whether you have Corsair devices or not.

Demo Devices[edit | edit source]

If you do not have any Corsair devices, do not worry. iCUE supports virtual devices which are still exposed by the SDK. In iCUE 3, there was a toggle in the UI to enable these virtual devices. However, in iCUE 4 this toggle has been removed. Thankfully, you can still access these devices by editing a config file. Open %appdata%\Corsair\CUE4\config.cuecfg in your favorite text editor, and change DemoDeviceModeEnabled (around line 15) from FALSE to TRUE. Save this file, then restart iCUE. Demo devices should now be visible in the UI.

Enabling iCUE SDK[edit | edit source]

As of writing, the process to enable the iCUE SDK has changed. In iCUE 4, to enable SDK first click the settings icon in the upper right corner.

ICUE settings button.png

Once in the settings interface, click Software and Games. (Note: in some versions of iCUE 4, this may be marked as Integrations


Ensure that the "Enable Software Integrations" toggle is enabled. If it appears in the UI, ensure that RGBSync+.exe is in the Active Clients section and not Blocked Clients.

ICUE integrations tab.png

Finally, ensure all devices which you intend to use in JackNet RGB Sync have their boxes check in the software column of the Devices tab.

ICUE integrations devices.png