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SDK Method


  • Only Mystic Light 3 devices are COMPATIBLE!
  • Lower versions than 1.7.6 of Jacknet WON'T WORK!
  • Make sure JackNet runs as ADMIN!!
  • There is a KNOWN delay with MSI devices because of SDK LIMITATION!
  • There is a KNOWN FLICKER with some MSI boards!
  • Mystic Light Standalone doesn't work that good, it's a bit buggy/crashes and stops receiving data from JackNet after some time, so we need to use Dragon Center instead.
  • Do not close Dragon Center when Jacknet is running, or start jacknet before Dragon Center completely loads up. If not you will brick Dragon Center and its services and you will be forced to reinstall windows!!

Video tutorial can be found here!


  1. Install Dragon Center, open it and install their SDK, close Dragon Center and start it again.
  2. Verify in the Mystic Light tab that you can see your device, then go to Mystic Light options (top right settings wheel) and disable Third Party Software Overwrite.
  3. Restart your PC.
  4. Make sure Dragon Center loads up completely, then start JackNet RGB Sync, make sure it starts as admin and verify that your MSI device appears in the Devices Tab, and then sync it with a Corsair LED.

DC SDK.png


  • If Mystic Light (Dragon_Center) tries to take control over your Corsair devices, got to iCue settings and uncheck enable SDK and check it again
  • If you want to you can uninstall MSI's optional software, go to Dragon Center > Support > System Info and choose wich one you want to remove
  • If your device doesn't show up in Dragon Center you could try to update Mystic Light, go to Dragon Center > Support > Live Update OR Dragon Center > Support > System Info and delete Mystic Light then go to Live Update and choose to install Mystic Light
  • In case you decide to use Mystic Light standalone and it tries to take control over your corsair devices, you can right click the ML tray icon and uncheck SW_Keep

Delay Workaround

The MSI SDK has a 200ms delay, this is normal and there is a "workaround" for this until MSI updates their software/SDK. The optimal settings to use in iCue to avoid this is creating a custom Gradient effect and setting the lighting time to 40-80s, and Jacknet's optimal polling rate to 25-30. This will make your MSI device to have a slower effect without flashing colors.

ICUE Workaround.png

Motherboard Direct Control Methods

Based on your motherboard chipset there are different methods to directly control it. At the moment of writing there are 2 implementation and each one supports a specific range of chipsets.

Latest chipsets Z490, B360, X570, B550 TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED!

Please DO NOT use this method until it gets fixed, this can BRICK your Motherboard chip! Use the SDK method INSTEAD!

Motherboards that are equipped with these chipsets expose an internal usb interface to control RGB headers and onboard leds by zones.


  1. Run JackNet and go to the settings tab, click on Manage Plugins
  2. Select install on the plugin supported by your chipset/MB
  3. Your MB should appear in JackNet as a USB device

Older chipsets

This method uses SMBus to edit your motherboard's superchip registers. It requires a kernel driver to run properly and it is not compatible with MysticLight/DragonCenter. Be aware that if your motherbord is not compatible you may encounter issues or even break it. A list of compatible devices can be found here:

Motherboards that are equipped with these chipsets control RGB headers and leds using the onboard Super I/O chip's registers. These registers can be accessed in windows only using a kernel driver and directly editing the rgb values.


  1. Run JackNet and go to the settings tab, click on Manage Plugins
  2. Select install on the plugin supported by your chipset/MB
  3. Close Jacknet and run it as admin, this is a one time operation and will install the kernel driver needed to directly control the motherboard leds
  4. Your MB should appear in JackNet and you should see two devices, one with a normal name and an other followed by INVERTED
    1. The "INVERTED" device should only be used if you notice that the other device has inverted colors.


If you have issues related with the methods above feel free to join the discord server where MSI's devices are tested and worked on. Keep in mind that this discord is for implementing MSI support in RGB.NET and no JackNet support will be given. If you want to join, please assign your role and follow the instructions in the welcome channel: [MSI-Testing Discord Server]

- If you need support with JackNet please refer to the JackNet Discord Server in #Tech-Support