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Welcome to the JackNet RGB Sync Wiki!

In this wiki you will find information concerning the setup and usage of JackNet RGB Sync.


Check out the General Setup guide and learn how to setup JackNet to sync RGB.


Check out this guide on how to set up Corsair iCUE. iCUE is required whether you have Corsair devices or not, so you should probably read this one first!


Check out the ASUS setup guide, here you can learn how to setup ASUS devices using Aura or Armoury Crate!


Check the MSI setup guide here! Learn how to sync MSI devices with JackNet, but do not use the MysticLight standalone version, it's buggy!!


Check our simple and easy EVGA setup guide here! Follow the steps carefully!


Check the Logitech setup guide here!


Check the Razer setup guide here!

Corsair Lighting Protocol/Arduino LED Controller

Check out Legion's GitHub and learn how to use an Arduino to control RGB!


Why doesn't JackNet start with windows?

If you forgot or didn't check the "Run at startup" option while installing JackNet you will need to do a few steps to make it work. You need to create a shortcut of StartupHelper.exe (Can be found in JackNet main folder) and put it in shell:startup using Win + R. In JackNet settings set the delay you need so it starts last!

Why can't JackNet see my devices?

If JackNet can't see your corsair devices or any device its because it started before iCue or other RGB programs. Please make sure that JackNet starts after all RGB programs.

My settings disappear after I restart my PC. How do I save them?

Please close the program using the X button to save the settings.

My RGB stops working after my PC locks / goes to sleep. How do I prevent this?

When the system sleeps / locks, all RGB programs are forced to quit sending data which means JackNet loses connection to them. There is no workaround possible since this is a Windows intended feature. To regain synchronization, please restart JackNet RGB Sync or consider disabling sleep mode.

Why does JackNet crash at launch or when i try to create a new LED group?

There are a few bugs with the latest RGB.NET version (JackNet 1.7.6+), and you can either revert to Jacknet 1.7.5 and wait for an update that fixes these bugs or, try remaking your profiles / group LEDs.

Supported Devices

Check out the Supported Devices list here!

Still need help?

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